I’ve finally seen the light and decided to put all the info about my published poetry on the web. If you find this blog, hope you like the poetry. Watch this space for news of a new collection from Smokestack Press very soon. And a few new poems every now and then as well.


2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hi Steven, Jane Holland here. Welcome to blogging. Do remember to get rid of the subtitle – ‘Just another WordPress blog’ under your blog title. You can do that under general settings, I think. And visiting other poetry blogs – and leaving comments – is a good idea. Look at a frequent poetry/lit blogger like Ms Baroque in Hackney (Katy Evans-bush) for lists of other poetry and lit blogs. The more you put yourself about the more chance you’ll have of people finding you and your blog etc. Links to stuff in your sidebar/pages are helpful too. Have fun. Jx

    • Jane

      Good to hear from you. Thanks for the advice. It is a bit bewlidering at first – hard to know where to start. It’s like arriving at a party that’s been going for a while.That said, it does give you a sense of control over your own work and how it gets out there.

      All the best


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